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How to Start an EARLY Team

Starting an EARLY team is easy!  Along with online help, please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.  Complete the steps below to start your EARLY team today.

Read this season's mission and rules or review past missions here.  After reading the rules, you should have an idea if EARLY is the right program for your students.

Purchase four Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Kits from LEGO Education.  If you purchase four Simple & Motorized Mechanisms kits, product # W779686, along with one Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Activity Pack, product # W209686, you will have everything you need to start a team along with the Activity Packs needed to use the kits in the classroom.  Remember, these kits can be used from season to season.  Many schools have gotten started from science and technology grants; robotics often satisfy many of the requirements of these grants. 

Select your team.  We strongly recommend having all your students complete at least one of the Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Activities (45 minutes) then select students from those that have a continued interest.  Often this method bridges stereotypes resulting in the involvement of students that typically would not join an EARLY team.   Team size ranges from 4 to 10 students.

Coach your team.  Coaching a new team will require teaching basic building skills to your team.  Having your team complete some of the Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Activities will significantly improve their building skills.  Since there is no programming necessary, you can concentrate on strategy, construction, and practice.  After a few seasons, the veteran team members will be able to help the rookies with many of the fundamental skills.

Compete.  Competitions are the reward for all of the team's hard work.  Your team can compete in a Neighborhood EARLY Tournament which is a tournament hosted by local teams or you can compete at a more formal tournament.  Since the participants are elementary school students, we encourage participating in Neighborhood EARLY Tournaments to reduce travel expenses and minimize the length of the events.  If the interest and resources are available, having two teams allows for inner-school competitions and is a great way for the administration to see EARLY in action.

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