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EARLY Insignia

Please use the EARLY Insignia with respect.  Our two primary guidelines are:


Use the EARLY Insignia in a wholesome way.  In other words, please do not use the EARLY Insignia where others might ask, "Why is an elementary program associated with that organization?"

Maintain the EARLY Insignia form and factor.  It is acceptable to alter the colors to enhance contrast or to have it match your organization's colors.  It is also acceptable to interface your logo with the EARLY Insignia; for example, if your logo is a gear, it is acceptable to mate it with the EARLY Insignia gear.

 Color:  [JPG] [TIF] [GIF]

Grayscale:  [JPG] [TIF] [GIF]

Upon request, we will supply you with the EARLY Insignia in a PowerPoint file that contains easily editable  WordArt or create a JPG file with altered colors of the EARLY Insignia.  Please send requests to   
NASA Insignia
Please visit NASA's Insignia website for correct implementation.

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