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2002 Fall Mission

LEGOnauts, welcome to LEGO Centauri. Wow, that was a long journey from Earth. Now we must put our exploration team into action. Unfortunately, our transporters were damaged in the landing; therefore we need a team to develop a robot that will help transport 30 LEGOnauts from the LANDING ZONE to the EXPLORATION ZONE. Is anyone here ready to step up to the challenge?



Fall 2002 Mission



LEGOnaut Dual Transporter

LEGOnaut Lift Transporter

LEGOnaut Mass Transporter

LEGOnaut Mobile Quad Transporter

LEGOnaut Platform Transporter

LEGOnaut Quad Transporter

LEGOnaut Solo Transporters


Engineering And Robotics Learned Young (EARLY) Robotics Competition is a robotics competition for our elementary youth (ages 7-12).  Every Fall and Spring, students construct new robots from LEGO Simple Machine Kits to solve a challenge.

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