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Spring 2008 Mission

Roboticists, the International Reef Restoration Administration (IRRA) thanks you for all of your commitment to help protect and restore the reefs of the World!  IRRA now needs your help returning the reef robots from the reefs to the IRRA Divisions and Headquarters.  Please help IRRA retrieve the reef robots for future reef restoration missions!




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Spring 2008 Mission

Spring 2008 Mission Field Details

Mission Object Details



Algae Carrier

Atolls Carrier

Barrier Carrier

Fringing Carrier

Mangroves Carrier

Patch Carrier

Sea Grass Carrier

Reef Robots

Engineering And Robotics Learned Young (EARLY) Robotics Competition is a robotics competition for our elementary youth (ages 7-12).  Every Fall and Spring, students construct new robots from LEGO Simple Machines Kits to solve a challenge.  Click here for more information on how to Start an EARLY Team

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